Case Study

Fenner Precision - Open-Ended Belt for Special Application


A well known and respected global manufacturer of blinds needed an open-ended belt for their unique application. Standard open-ended belts would not work for their unique application because of special requirements for the belts.


In order to demonstrate their unique capabilities to meet the customer's needs, Fenner Precision's engineering team developed a special manufacturing tool to meet this customer's special open-ended belt need.


Fenner Precision's new belt passed the testing for the customer's application. The special open-ended belts suplied are constructed of polyurethane and are reinforced with Kelvar. Unique advantages of the Fenner Precision belt are: Minimum Backlash, Reduced Tooth Wear, Reduced Vibration & Noise. This belt is supplied ot the customer on a spool so that they can easily cut it themselves as needed. Fenner Precision designed to fit your needs. Exactly!

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