Fenlon™ solid lubricants are woven PTFE fabrics, impregnated with thermosetting resins. They are self-lubriating and used in a variety of applications across a wide range of markets.

Fenlon composite fabric lubricants are engineered by integrally weaving together two different surfaces, one PTFE yarn and one non-PTFE yarn. When manufacturing Fenlon Low Friction Fabric, we specify the ideal adhesive, backing and reinforcement required for each task, balancing load, temperature and chemical resistance. Our products are normally woven 12” to 48” wide, but this can vary depending on your requirements.

Combining thermoset resins with polyester backing and PTFE ‘lubricant’, our Fenlon™ self-lubricating liner fabrics deliver maximum wear and high load resistance for a host of different applications. Unlike oil or grease, the material is able to perform without evaporating at high temperatures, seizing up when frozen or leaking away when used in a vacuum, providing on demand lubrication throughout the applications life. As Fenlon reduces the need for maintenance in many applications, valuable time normally spent on maintenance, can be used elsewhere which is more cost effective for our customers.

The static and dynamic coefficients of friction of Fenlon composites are similar, so they are suitable for use in oscillating applications. Fenlon is used globally in a range of industries such as; Transportation applications, Aerospace, Infrastructure, Seismic protection and the Energy Sector.

Fenlon™ fabric

Fenner Precision Fenlon™ Fabric

Value adding features:

✔ Various fabric and resin options

✔ Self-lubricate even when oscillating

✔ No freeze at low temperatures

✔ No evaporation at high temperatures

✔ No flow at high loads

✔ Long life – less maintenance downtime

✔ Bonds easily to flat or curved bearing surfaces

✔ Available in standard or custom sizes and thickness

Market Sectors

• Aerospace

• Infrastructure

• Seismic protection

• Energy

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