Our unreinforced, anti-static Stretch Bands provide the ideal means for fast, accurate currency movement within cash dispensers and for other applications.

We manufacture in a variety of unreinforced materials, including silicone, EPDM, chloroprene, hypalon, natural rubber and polyurethane – providing a superior alternative to competitor’s flat belts and complete flexibility for customers.

Typical Physical Properties

  • Belt sizes from 10mm to 300mm width and 75mm to 1500mm length
  • General thickness tolerance of  ± 0.15mm on press moulded belts and ± 0.1mm on ground/finished belt
  • Installed load of nominally 1N/mm² of belt cross section
  • Width tolerance normally ± 0.5mm
  • Available with impression finish on one or both sides
  • Different modulus materials available
  • Available in a Dual Durometer construction
  • Available with tracking ribs or perforations
  • Sizes above 200mm long no tooling required
  • Lower cost than competitors reinforced product (which requires tooling for all sizes).
  • Improved tracking over reinforced product
  • Better anti-static properties when measured against competitive reinforced product

Value Adding Features:

✔ Lower cost system / no need for tensioning devices

✔ Antistatic construction options – avoid static build up / double feeds

✔ Long life – less maintenance / downtime

✔ Various material options – to fit your application needs

Product Benefits to you:

  • Costs saving – efficient manufacture, minimal tooling, longer service life
  • Superior tracking – Stretch Bands have replaced competitor’s reinforced flat belts to resolve tracking issues.
  • Flexibility – Range of hardnesses to meet specific needs, tracking ribs or perforations if required.
  • Reliability – Excellent tensile retention over a long working life and at a wide range of temperatures and humidity.
  • Certified safe – anti-static and UL94HB approved at 1mm minimum thickness (the Fenner Precision standard)
  • Versatility – operational between -20 and 50*C

Typical Market Sectors:

Fixed center drives

Copiers / office equipment

Bill validation

Money handling

Media transfer


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