Where speed of operation and detail are vital to customers, our advanced vacuum belts provide the ideal solutions.

With the option of special profiles where required, for example on large inkjet printers, our vacuum belting ensures uninterrupted performance and rapid, highly accurate presentation of media or other material, time after time.

No matter what your requirements, we have a vacuum belt for you. If you need high temperature resistance, our silicone belts will do the trick. If high abrasion resistance and high tear strength are important, why not try our polyurethane belts

We can produce no marking polyurethane vacuum belts with or without reinforcement depending on the need for a fixed belt length.

You can also choose from the following features:

Polyurethane hardness

  • We offer 65 shore A to 85 shore A.

Dual durometer belting

  • To give different inside and outside surface characteristics.

Improved grinding methods

  • We can grind on the inside and outside of the belt to increase driving torque or coefficient of friction respectively.
  • Our grinding processes also means we can control belt thickness by +/- 0.05 mm

Integrally molded tracking ribs

  • To ensure highly accurate movement and no side to side to tracking

We have developed all of our processes to ensure tight specification control. By using a Fenner Precision vacuum belt, you can be sure of a high-quality image at a lower cost.



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