Polyurethane Mouldings

Fenner Precision polyurethane manufacturing technology is applied in many different industries. Our precision mouldings provide innovative and effective solutions for a huge number of market needs.

Component manufacturing – we produce vast quantities of ‘nosel tips’, an essential part of many components.

Bumpers – solid, stable and heard-wearing polyurethane blocks designed to hold tractors in a stationery position.

Bridge expansion joints – Our polyurethane bridge bearings are engineered to allow for the safe expansion and contraction of concrete sections, allowing for different temperatures, while maintaining the necessary force.

Thermal printer rollers – Operates with ‘Zebra’ technology, providing good co-efficient of friction, wax release, heat resistance and conformability.

Charge rollers – Efficient method of drum-charging, to enable high quality laser printing.

Airport luggage conveyors – Tough, durable and tear-resistant polyurethane ‘sheet’, combining long-life and maintenance-free performance with a luggage-friendly surface.

Optically clear polyurethane – Self-healing polyurethane windscreen, specified on advanced military helicopters to provide super-clear vision unimpeded by shadow or reflections, and with resistance to chemicals to allow cleaning without effecting clarity.

D-rollers – Our polyurethane D-roller is used as a high speed pusher for mail handling, uniquely maintaining a consistent co-efficient of friction.

Mooring blocks – Long lasting and high-absorption V shaped polyurethane block, designed for shock absorbing when vessels are mooring up.

Prosthetic joints – Using our precision-manufacturing techniques, we produce the ultra-durable and finely engineered polyurethane ‘cups’ that form part of a prosthetic socket, to enable long lasting, smooth and comfortable movement.

Couplers – Fenner Precision manufactures elastomeric shock absorbers for use on railway bogeys, with the precise tolerance and resilience required for smooth, vibration- free travel.

Currency receiver – With applications across a range of vending and self-service machinery, our polyurethane technology has the ideal friction properties and durability to form the rollers that ‘receives-in’ cash and payment cards.

Power generation – we can apply our expertise in polyurethane to develop new and better solutions for emerging and sustainable energy industries. As a replacement for complex gears and drums, our polyurethane rollers offer a simpler, more efficient and cost effective method of rotating wind turbines.

Dampers – Developed to meet the needs of the defence industry, our ‘damper blocks’ are specified to provide the exact shock absorption required for successful air-shipment drops. We have developed the correct polyurethane composition and profile to ensure that, when dropped from aircraft, palletised heavy equipment lands safe, secure and bounce-free.

Tank wheels – Our tank tyre wheels provide consistent drive for tracked military vehicles including trucking vehicles as well as battle tanks. Engineered for maximum resilience and performance in extremes of terrain, weather and speed of manoeuvre, an advanced polyurethane composition means tyres have fantastic heat resistance (non-melt) and have massive load capacity.

Why We Use Polyurethane
✔ Wide Range of Hardness
✔ High Load Bearing Capacity
✔ Flexible
✔ Resistant to Abrasion
✔ Resistant to Tears
✔ Strong Bonding Properties
✔ Performs in a Diverse Range of Environments

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