In imaging applications where high degrees of heat and pressure are present, our advanced PTFE coated rollers provide an excellent solution.

Effective over both Silicone and Polyurethane, PTFE combines extreme heat resistance with excellent release properties. And with over 100 years of experience in liquid cast chemistry and process engineering, you can be confident of a solution that is proven to work – consistently and reliably.

Value Adding Features

✔ Temperature resistance – Retain physical properties over an extremely wide range of working temperatures
✔ Electrical properties – Inherently insulative and do not exhibit eletrically conductive properties (custom formulations can be produced to achieve electrical conductivity if required)
✔ Thermal conductivity – Custom formulated to obtain various levels of thermal conductivity
✔ Surface finish – Machined or ground to obtain a range of desired finishes
✔ Chemical resistance – Highly resistant to organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, solvents and oils
✔ Minimal weathering and aging – Withstand environments which break down conventional elastomers over extended periods
✔ Bondability – Bond reliably to clean, porous surfaces. High strength bonds can also be achieved on non-porous surfaces with the use of primers
✔ Wide hardness range

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