Fenner Precision offers a number of Silicone Roller formulations, which are ideal for high temperature applications.

Moulding Innovative Solutions

Our expert polymer chemists, engineers, quality and production personnel formulate custom elastomer solution for a customers specific demands. In addition to high tolerance, our silicone solutions offer the extreme surface smoothness required to eliminate image imperfection – particularly important in applications where 100% accuracy is vital.

Value Adding Features

✔ Temperature resistance – Retain physical properties over an extremely wide range of working temperatures
✔ Electrical properties – Inherently insulative and do not exhibit eletrically conductive properties (custom formulations can be produced to achieve electrical conductivity if required)
✔ Thermal conductivity – Custom formulated to obtain various levels of thermal conductivity
✔ Surface finish – Machined or ground to obtain a range of desired finishes
✔ Chemical resistance – Highly resistant to organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, solvents and oils
✔ Minimal weathering and aging – Withstand environments which break down conventional elastomers over extended periods
✔ Bondability – Bond reliably to clean, porous surfaces. High strength bonds can also be achieved on non-porous surfaces with the use of primers
✔ Wide hardness range
✔ Material properties are optimised based on the customers needs

Design and process engineering

• Cross-functional design review by our team of chemists and engineers ensures prompt, cost-effective product development
• Prototype testing is utilised to understand the complex interaction of many variables
• Automation is designed to support production requirements
• Custom engineering of moulds and tooling on our state of the art system
• Low pressure process results in lower tooling investment

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