Fabric reinforced rubber seals, manufactured as a concrete-filled ‘passive’ solution with none of the reliability issues surrounding inflatable options.

Grout Seals, as a passive system (opposed to alternative inflatable active system) have become the product of choice due to their clear operational and cost advantage for the following reasons:

✔ A special Grout Seal is available for structures with pre-installed piles. Pile verticality and positioning tolerance dictates that greater eccentricity may occur between pile and sleeves. The special Grout Seal is designed to accept the increased annular dimension with provision of shape allowing for extension
✔ No hoses, valves or other hardware to purchase, fit or test. This results in clear cost savings and eliminates the dominant cause of frequent grout support system failure
✔ No site testing or commissioning required
✔ The Grout Seal also functions as a wiper, preventing seabed material from entering the annulus to the detriment of grout connection strength
✔ No offshore operation is required
✔ No residual activation hardware remains to cause cathodic protection drain or diver hazard

By combining purity of design and quality of polymer engineering, we provide long-lasting, low maintenance protection.

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