Our unique Calibration Hose provides a fast, high quality solution for pipe rehabilitation. With an advanced silicone formulation, our calibration hoses are tough and re-usable – for long-run cost effectiveness.

Fenner Precision’s Expansion Bladders are primarily used in the rehabilitation and repair of worn or damaged lateral feed or main line sewer pipes as well as potable water pipes, oil and gas pipes, chimney flues and more.

Expansion bladders (also known as calibration hose, inversion/inner bladder or inflation tube) are usually used in conjunction with open ended liners within the CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) process and their function is two-fold, to provide:

• A pathway for the curing agent (eg. hot water, steam , UV)
• Pressure against the inner wall of the liner during curing while it sets in place

Manufactured from a unique combination of silicone rubber and polyester fabrics, and available in single or two ply, precision-engineered to offer significant advantages over PVC-based alternatives. Benefits include including excellent expansion and flex properties, added durability, high temperature resistance, and maximum re-usability.

Typical Material and Physical Properties

  • The hoses / bladders are a combination of specially selected knitted polyester fabrics and silicone rubber
  • Typically the hoses / bladders are sized 10% below the inside diameter of the damaged pipe
  • Standard length range of 30m to 200m (100ft to 650ft)
  • Standard diameter range of 60/75mm to 915mm (2.4/3” to 36”)
  • 2 ply reinforced standard thickness of 2mm (0.08”)

Value adding features:

✔ Highly durable over a wide temperature range  (-40ºC to 200ºC / -40ºF to 392ºF) [steam / re-rounding]

✔ Section thickness of only 2mm (0.08”) facilitats good heat transfer, fast cure time and flexibility (capable of being easily inverted), while still being robust enough to push out any liner wrinkles

✔ Excellent release properties allows easy withdrawal and multiple use

✔ Good chemical resistance

✔ Excellent UV and ozone resistance

These hoses are also suitable for renewing and repairing the following types of worn or damaged pipes:

  • Internal Pipes
  • Potable Water Pipes
  • Chimney Flues
  • Oil and Gas Pipes

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