Hard wearing yet highly flexible, Fenner Precision’s high quality reinforced silicone sheeting is a preferred material for gangway bellows used in the Transport industry.


You can trust Fenner Precision to deliver the right silicone composite material to meet stringent industry requirements for flame retardant rubber for use in the transportation market.

As one of the world’s leading providers of technical fabrics, we offer a special flexible silicone composite with excellent heat resistance properties. The silicone material is available in wide widths to suit your needs and dual colours (for example light grey on one side, dark grey on the reverse) as well as various finishes which can be tailored depending on your individual requirements. Flexibility in specification and performance characteristics makes it an ideal long life solution for a diverse range of applications such as ‘gate to aircraft’ walkways, mobile field hospitals, underground and overground rail transport and flexible buses.

Value adding features:

Wide operating temperatures ensure optimum performance in a range of environments

✓ Wide material formats give fewer joins and reduced material waste

Dual colour options to suit the application and environment

Variety of surface finishes to suit your requirements – smooth surface for easier cleaning

Variety of plies to suit bend stiffness requirements

 Extreme flex capabilities absorb movement between carriages, resulting in improved ride quality

To view exactly where our products can be applied on a railway vehicle, please visit:

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