With excellent insulation properties, together with low smoke and toxicity, Fenner Precision unreinforced silicone is an ideal component for flexible heaters in equipment ranging from ATM key pads and aircraft systems, to domestic appliances and cars. Our unreinforced silicone sheeting can also be used as ink-transfer sheeting in specialist printing applications.

Available cured or uncured, our material is specially designed to bond securely to any substrate, shape or texture. We also supply uncured, unreinforced materials for moulded sections, layering, and for patch repairs.

Our specially formulated silicone sheeting for ink-transfer flawlessly prints onto ceramic surfaces. Our ink-transfer sheeting is easily cleaned so it can be used time and time again.

Typical Physical Properties:

  • Various glass fibre fabrics are available (details can be provided upon enquiry)
  • The glass can be coated on one side only, or on both sides.
  • Silicone coated fabrics for this market are available with both faces uncured (DUC), one face cured and one face uncured (SUC) and also both faces cured (CC)
  • Silicone coating thickness can be as little as 0.1mm  [0.004”]. There is no real limit on the maximum coating thickness, but we generally would not put more than 1.5mm [0.060”] of coating on at a time when
  • Most of our materials for this market are red as the material that gives them the red colour, red iron oxide, gives improved heat ageing characteristics
  • Coated fabric materials are usually supplied with a smooth polythene release material against each face, on cardboard cores.  Un-reinforced sheeting is supplied with an embossed polythene release material against each face, on cardboard cores.
  • Value Adding Features:

    ✔ Silicones have good heat resistance properties ; standard silicone materials are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved for a continuous operating temperature (RTI) of 150ºC .

    ✔ Silicone is a good material in terms of burning characteristics ; whereas other elastomers emit a lot of harmful chemicals leaving a potent black sticky deposit when burnt, silicones perform much better in terms of
    emissions and leave a preferable white non-sticky residue.



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