Multi-V Belts

Fenner Precision multi-V belts are specially manufactured to ensure quiet, smooth running where high speed, high torque, and shock absorption are key considerations.

Fenner Precision manufactures its standard Multi-V Belts from Kevlar®-reinforced polyurethane. These belts are ideal for non-synchronised applications.

Polyurethane Multi-V Belts
Fenner Precision’s standard and customized multi-belts are quiet, smooth running belts are an effective solution for drives where high speed, high torque, and shock loads are design factors. Multi-V belts have Active Groove Technology rib design first developed by Fenner Precision engineers to create compact design high torque transmitting belts. SG®H is the preferred tooth profile because it provides the most torque transmission and flexes around smaller pulleys. This shortened v-rib profile provides long life and increased flexibility for high ratio and high-speed drive applications where small pulleys are used. Precision manufacturing processes ensure accurate molding tolerances that exceed RMA specifications. Each rib is designed to fit precisely into the drive pulley, delivering a smooth, quiet transmission.

Standard Multi-V Belt Dimension Ranges
Product profiles Multi-V belts SG-H, H, and J are offered in a wide range of dimensions (in./mm).

Pitch – 1.65 (.065) to 2.34 (.092);
Length – 102 to 1625 to (4.0 to 64.0)
Thickness – 2.29(.090) to 4.06 (.160)
Width – 3.30 to 251 (.130 to 9.880) to 4.67 to 252 (.184 to 9.936)

Standard Multi-V Belt Specifications
• The standard urethane hardness is 80 Shore A durometer. Other durometers are available – 60 Shore A to 95 Shore A. Special backings can provide abrasion resistance and accurate molding tolerances.
• The standard reinforcement is KEVLAR®, which provides excellent strength and high modulus. Depending on your need, Fenner Precision can provide other aramids along with polyester and fiberglass for applications with special requirements.
• The standard operating temperature range is -40’C (104’F to 80’C (176’F)
• The standard surface impression is textured; however, smooth surfaces are available on request for some conveying applications.

Our Active Groove Technology rib design allows for compact design with high torque transmission – meeting the increasing demand for smaller, faster, longer-lasting components across all industries.

Key value adding features:
✔ High speed, high torque drives where synchronisation is not a requirement
✔ Quiet, smooth running
✔ Clean, non-dusting polyurethane construction
✔ Moulded, not formed V-profiles for exceptional accuracy
✔ Available SG-H™ pitch.

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