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A Little Belt Can Make a Big Difference

February 1, 2011
Fenner Precision Introduces World's Smallest Transmission Belt for Media Transfer

Anaheim, CA, February 8, 2011 - Fenner Precision, provider of engineered elastomeric solutions for OEM system designs, will unveil the world’s smallest belt for media transfer at the 2011 Pacific Design Show. This 55 tooth, 1 mm pitch belt was designed to fit the market’s growing need for smaller belt drives. 

“This timing belt can replace ‘O-rings’ to provide both a positive drive and a non-marking surface,” said Hans Raj, Applications Engineering Manager at Fenner Precision. “And we now offer similar curvilinear belt profile designs, which provide efficient design alternatives to gears in compact drives where a high reduction ratio is required.” 

This new belt is reinforced, for longer-term length stability, with the customer’s choice of fiberglass, aramid or polyester fibers.

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