Oil and gas

Long-lasating elastomeric solutions for the harshest off-shoe environments.

We are leaders in the research, development and production of the components that are vital for the safety and efficiency in off-shore oil and gas platforms. Tried and tested against the wildest extremes of nature, our solutions include grout seals, diaphragms, positioners, rubber mouldings and shock absorbers.

Products: PU flat belts, diaphgrams, tongue seals, grout seals, silicone foam tyres, silicone coated tyres, PU rollers, technical textiles.

Wind energy

Waterlight solution, designed to keep turbines secure and turning, on land and off-shore

In the fast-evolving wind energy industry, we draw on huge reserves of know-how in the field of gas and oil platforms to deliver develop first-class solutions for wind turbines – offering maximum strength, reliable hold and complete water resistance.

Products: polyurethane mouldings, diaphragms, tongue seals, grout seals, composite manufacture – FenForm


Innovative solutions for an emerging market, with resilient components for the most challenging environments.

In the emerging fracking industry, rock solid solutions are essential. Building on hard-won experience in challenging environments, we are unlocking new limits of performance and tolerance in rubber seal technologies – to offer pioneering standards of equipment dependability.

Products: PU flat belts, diaphragms, tongue seals, grout seals, technical textiles

Composite Manufacture

Bringing together production and engineering know-how to produce versatile, reliable solutions for manufacturers.

Our experts engineer the ideal silicone membranes for a huge variety of composite manufacturing. Offering maximum reliability and performance, and designed to be reusable, our solutions bring together cost savings and quality assurance right down the line.

Products: Composite Manufacture – FenForm

Industrial applications

Enhancing efficiency, improving reliability and transporting industrial performance to new levels.

With decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise under our belt, our solutions are designed to equip customers for even the biggest and toughest industrial tasks. From high volume manufacturing to high-rise construction, we work in partnership with customers’ engineering teams around the world to develop application-specific polymers – enhancing efficiency, improving reliability and transporting performance to new levels.

Products: PU flat belts, lightweight belts, polyurethane mouldings, diaphragms, tongue seals, grout seals, silicone tyres, silicone coated tyres, unreinforced silicone sheets, reinforced silicone sheets, composite manufacture –FenForm, PU rollers, silicone rollers, PTFE coated rollers, technical textiles, thrower belts, baler belts, blast cleaner belts, vacuum belts, custom belts, silicone coated timing belts, non contaminating belting, chevron belting, trapezodial timing belts, industrial conveyor belting, stretchbands

Pipe rehab

Expert solutions designed to speed up pipe repair and maintenance with minimum disruption.

When it comes to pipe rehabilitation for major utilities, customers demand the minimum of disruption and down time together with the lowest cost. Our sophisticated ‘trenchless’ silicone technology offers rapid and reliable repair work, with a unique reusable material that helps stretch budgets for planned maintenance and emergency repair.

Products: reinforced silicone sheet, Liner gun bladders, silicone calibration hose


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