Big ideas built to last, and engineered to help the world work better

The safety and efficiency of any infrastructure depends upon its component parts. Combining attention to detail, innovative thinking, proven expertise and huge economies of scale, we build elastomeric solutions that help the world to work better.

Bridge bearings

Load-bearing compnents designed to perform under extreme pressures.

Extending from vast single span crossings to high traffic highway bridges, our heavy duty polyurethane bearings are specified to the widest extremes of temperature and seismic activity – allowing for precise contraction and expansion, whilst maintaining consistent force.

Products: Polyurethane mouldings, Technical textiles

Pipe rehab

Expert solutions designed to speed up pipe repair and maintenance with minimum disruption.

When it comes to pipe rehabilitation for major utilities, customers demand the minimum of disruption and down time together with the lowest cost. Our sophisticated ‘trenchless’ silicone technology offers rapid and reliable repair work, with a unique reusable material that helps stretch budgets for planned maintenance and emergency repair.

Products: reinforced silicone sheet, Liner gun bladders, silicone calibration hose

Seismic protection

Specialist low-friction material, trusted to safeguard people, places and economies from the impact of earthquakes.

Fenner Precision engineering is trusted to safeguard people, places and economies from the impact of earthquakes. We design and manufacture liner fabrics for seismic protection bearings used in structures around the world. Our advanced, specialist low-friction fabrics provide ultra-dependable load bearing properties for every type of bridge, building and location.

Products: Polyurethane mouldings, Technical textiles


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