Solutions that take you further, faster and safer, by land, air or sea

On road and rail, in the air or across oceans, the machines that move us depend on precision-made components that work consistently, safely and cost effectively. Our elastomers help to stretch the boundaries of successful transportation – bringing new levels of performance and extending the limits of speed and capacity.


Ultra-precise solutions built for rarefield manufacturing and ultimate leveles of reliablity.

In the competitive aerospace industry, 100% accuracy is the minimum expectation, and advances in material specification can bring about vital cost or performance advantages. Whether it’s high quality composite parts or advanced silicone sheeting, our expertise brings world-leading benefits for a fleet of airborne applications.

Products: composite manufacture – FenForm, Technical textiles, trapezodial timing belts, FHT timing belts

Aircraft interiors

Balancing passenger demands for service and comfort with operator needs for reliability and cost control.

Passengers’ in-flight experience can hinge on the smallest details; the overhead lockers, seating positions, or even the reliability of audio-video equipment. We can adapt the size and weight of components throughout the aircraft interior to help maximise overall load and fuel efficiency, while keeping customer satisfaction sky high.

Product: composite manufacture – FenForm

Airframe structures

Landing true innovation and offering manufacturing expertise to secure the fundamentals of flight.

Extended flight range, added fuel efficiency, additional load capacity – the market demands on aircraft manufacturers have never been higher. We work with the world leaders, sharing our elastomerics technology to help them develop a competitive edge in vital areas.

Product: composite manufacture – FenForm


Forward thinking ideas and engineering excellence that drives superior performance and passenger satisfaction.

Today’s technology-packed, energy-efficient vehicles depend on ever-more sophisticated parts and components. We engineer a class of elastomeric solutions that helps manufacturers achieve new levels of equipment, size, weight, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Products: Unreinforced silicone sheet, composite manufacture – FenForm, technical textiles

Bus and coach

Improved solutions for passenger access, drivers’ cabs and exterior applications that work more efficiently, for longer.

From stop-start urban routes to long distance travel, bus and coach operators require efficient and hard-working equipment they can trust. With solutions for luggage hold hatches, automatic doors, adjustable on-board entertainment screens and shock absorber pads for drivers’ seats, our ideas help smooth everyone’s journey.

Products: Unreinforced silicone sheet, transportation bellows material, technical textiles


Robust components formulated to deliver military precision across land, air and sea.

Armed with decades of experience and current US military approvals, we combine proven technology and innovation with secure manufacturing processes and battle-hardened build quality to meet the toughest and most complex 21st century defence requirements.

Products: polyurethane mouldings, composite manufacture – FenForm


Made-to-measure solutions protecting craft and cargo throughout the voyage and at the dock.

From the giant inflatable dunnage bags that secure and protect freight during transit, to hovercraft skirting and hard-wearing shock absorbers for mooring, our precision-manufactured marine solutions are designed to make the navigation of the seas and waterways safer, sounder and more efficient.

Products: reinforced silicone sheet, composite manufacture – FenForm, technical textiles

Off highway vehicles

Though and tailored components for monster performance and reliability in construction, mining and maintenance vehicles.

Reliable performance and durability under pressure are key requirements for heavy-duty mining, construction or maintenance vehicles. Whatever the application, our customised components are specified to cope with extreme conditions and workloads, offering maximum up-time, load resistance and efficiency.

Products: polyurethane mouldings

Railway infrastructure

Specialist solutions that help keep maintenance, budgets and passenger satisfaction on track.

Modern rail networks require highly integrated solutions. Working closely with engineering and maintenance contractors, we cover everything from ticketing systems and passenger information to signalling and tracks – maximising performance, safety and cost effectiveness.

Products: polyurethane mouldings, transportation bellows material

Railway vehicles

Technology developed to ensure the safe, smooth and steady transit of both passengers and freight.

Passenger comfort, safety and system efficiency are no-compromise criteria for rail operators. We work closely with manufacturers and train operating companies to deliver bespoke solutions that cover bellows, bogeys, gaiters and couplers as well as shock absorption, gate and gangway materials.

Products: polyurethane mouldings, technical textiles


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