Fenlon ™ Bearing Liner Fabric Prevents Fretting Corrosion

Fenlon ™ Bearing Liner Fabric Prevents Fretting Corrosion


One concern of manufacturers using metal components is fretting corrosion. Fretting refers to the wear and damage of contact surfaces. This occurs in metal assemblies used in high frequency vibration applications.

Due to the constant vibration and friction between the metal, the two parts weld together. Prevention of fretting in the assemblies is essential to the operation of the application. The introduction of a lubricant can make the situation worse by increasing the relative slip. This is an issue that faces Fenner Precision’s aerospace and industrial bearing customers.


Fenner Precision’s engineers met this design challenge head on and developed a full range of anti-friction fabrics. Fenner Precision’s Fenlon™ Bearing Liner Fabrics provide “dry” anti-fretting properties.

These friction reducing fabrics are used in self-lubricating bearings. The Fenlon material is custom woven and adhesive coated in house, taking into consideration material selection and weave style to meet the needs of a particular application.


Fenner Precision manufactures custom composite liners for companies world wide. The use of Fenlon™ liner material eliminates the need for wet lubricants.

Through development and qualification projects, Fenner continues to meet the needs of a growing customer base. Fenner Precision – designed to fit your needs. Exactly.


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