Fenner Precision’s Solution for Surveillance Equipment Belting

Fenner Precision’s Solution for Surveillance Equipment Belting


A leading global manufacturer of surveillance equipment had an application-specific challenge in regards to the timing belts used in their surveillance cameras.

These challenges included:

1) The belt had to be able to withstand high operating temperatures. The camera is enclosed with no ventilation and no cooling system.
2) The belts had to provide smooth and accurate motion with no backlash (also known as “play”) while meshing with other components in the motion control system.


Fenner Precision’s engineers worked with the customer to find a urethane that could withstand the high temperatures. Typically Fenner’s standard urethanes are designed to operate in the range of -30C to 70C, while the customer’s application required a belt that could perform in working temperatures between 85C to 90C.

Fenner’s product development team used various tests and equipment in a laboratory setting to characterize and predict performance of our urethanes. Through analysis techniques and tools such as Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and a Scanning Vibrating Needle Curemeter (SVNC), physical properties such as viscosity, reactivity, glass transition temperature (Tg), and melting and crystallization points can be measured and characterized. The DSC was used to predict thermal performance of urethanes to match this particular application, where continuous operating temperature is a driving design constraint, with a special urethane that could operate in the higher temperature range required.


The finished product was a timing belt that was molded for high profile accuracy and one that gave minimum backlash. The belts were made from a special harder urethane that could endure the higher temperatures and provide excellent transmission capabilities without slipping.

The development of this belt demonstrates Fenner Precision’s capability to provide custom belts that perform well under high continuous working temperatures. Fenner Precision – designed to fit your needs. Exactly.


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