Fenner Precision’s Super Low-Friction Self Lubricated Belt

Fenner Precision’s Super Low-Friction Self Lubricated Belt


Fenner Precision has developed a new polymeric compound which provides its belt products with a super low-friction surface, without the need for traditional fabric facings.

Because the lubricating additives are built into the belt’s urethane compound, Fenner Precision can offer the first belt construction with these low-friction properties throughout the belt. This provides significant durability and cost efficiency enhancements over belts with nylon or other fabric facings, which lose their lubricating properties as the fabric wears. Fenner Precision’s new product development ensures that these lubricating properties will continue for the life of the belt.


This new product has been uniquely designed and developed to reduce friction on both sides of a synchronous belt. The tooth side is self-lubricating for superior efficiency and the back-side of the belt offers superior low-friction properties to reduce drag and friction.

Designers can now specify this belt construction in applications where low-friction or “self lubrication” is required and be confident that these properties will last for the life of the belt. This provides a more cost-effective product design, since there is no longer any need for expensive fabric facing to provide the low-friction properties required of these belts.


Now, for the first time, lubricating additives have been homogeneously built into the urethane belt body itself. This new product from Fenner Precision provides clean, contaminant-free low-friction belt drive performance without the need for expensive fabric facings or greasy exterior lubricants.

This new belt compound ensures consistent low-friction performance, for the life of the belt, and eliminates the need to prematurely replace belts due to wearing of the fabric facing. This provides a significantly less expensive and cleaner solution than other existing low-friction urethane belt drive solutions and all with a solution that’s REACH and RoHS compliant.


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