Unique Timing Belts Improve Security Camera Clarity

Unique Timing Belts Improve Security Camera Clarity

Finding a unique and custom solution to the challenge of fogging within an enclosed security camera dome.


Fenner Precision had three main challenges:

To support customers not only with a product that will perform well initially, but also for the life of the application.

While the typical urethane operating temperature range is -30ºC to 70ºC, the ambient temperature inside an enclosed camera dome can reach 90ºC.

To develop a flexible and anti-fogging material to resist high temperatures.


Fenner Precision’s Applications Engineers worked collaboratively with numerous customers to develop a urethane formulation suited to maintain wear resistant properties while also contributing to zero formation of residue on the domes.

In order to address the high temperature environment, a harder Shore A material was selected. The increased hardness was thought to minimize wear as a result of tooth softening and deformation at elevated temperatures.

The first step in eliminating the fogging effect was to evaluate a material without the additive that was the suspected root cause of the out-gassing.

As a conjunctive effort between Fenner Precision chemists and engineers, the same material used to address the temperature concerns was selected. Using tools such as the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer allowed Fenner Precision’s product development team to gain a better understanding of the root cause of the fogging effect by analyzing the individual components of the formulation.

The material, denoted by Fenner Precision as 95P, was molded using a specialized molding and curing process.

To conduct the fogging test, belts were placed on a heating element and sealed under the dome. The temperature was increased to 85ºC for four weeks and the inside surface was inspected daily for droplets.


95P uses a different component that is specially designed to resist flexing and high temperature degradation.

The optimized chemistry of the 95P material prevents outgassing from occurring.

The 95P material was ultimately selected and approved by the customer.

This proprietary new material is now used by Fenner Precision in the manufacture of timing belts for these enclosed camera pan and tilt mechanisms.


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