World’s Smallest Transmission Belt for Media Transfer

World’s Smallest Transmission Belt for Media Transfer


A leading global manufacturer of printers and copiers was faced with an application that required a very small belt for paper propulsion. The belt replaced a rubber o-ring that was typically used for this function. The drawbacks to using an o-ring include:

– Loss of shape due to stretch
– Decay in tension over life
– Circular cross-section which does not allow for much surface contact
– Characteristics that mark the paper


Taking all of these challenges into consideration, the Fenner Precision engineering team worked with the customer and developed the world’s smallest belt.

Fenner Precision’s engineering team overcame several manufacturing obstacles that arose trying to mass produce such a unique product.


The end product is a 53 mm inside length belt constructed of polyurethane reinforced with fiberglass. This reinforcement prevents stretching, so that the belt does not lose its shape or decay over time. The polyurethane does not mark the paper.

The belt’s flat surface, allows it to have more contact area with the paper as opposed to the minimal surface contact provided by the round o-ring. The belt is washed and textured to increase the friction coefficient. This type of product can be adapted for various applications such as medical devices, portable printers, and scanners. Fenner Precision’s engineering team demonstrated this when they successfully developed a 55T FHT-1 timing belt, proving again Fenner Precision is designed to fit your needs. Exactly.


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