Which timing belt is right for you?

When you work with Fenner Precision, you can choose from a wide range of timing belts. Although our variety means we can always develop a timing belt to fit your exact needs, it can sometimes be confusing knowing which one to use. Our engineers will always recommend the best belt for your requirements, but for your easy reference, we’ve put together this handy guide to the different Fenner Precision timing belts.

FHT Series

(FHT-1; FHT-2; FHT-2.032; FHT-3; FHT-5)

Our FHT (Fenner High Torque) profile is a second generation curvilinear tooth technology and the most popular timing belt that we offer. The efficient tooth geometry enables various benefits, including:

✔ Quieter performance

✔ Highest torque transmission capability

✔ Lower backlash

✔ Longer belt life

If you have an MXL drive, we developed the FHT-2.032 pitch. This can be dropped into an MXL drive without changing center distance, requiring only a pulley swap.

Trapezoidal Tooth Profiles (MXL; XL)

These tooth profiles have been the industry standard for many years, but don’t offer the advanced performance of curvilinear profiles. We understand that some customers are more comfortable with trapezoidal profiles, so we are happy to supply these belts if you need them.

HTD Profiles

This is a first generation curvilinear tooth profile, which was superseded by the FHT profile series. HTD profiles outperform trapezoidal profiles in terms of noise, torque transmission and belt life, but don’t perform technically as well as FHT profiles.

Other (Triangular; F-50)

If you need other, less commonly used profiles we can support this too. Not only do we have the capability to mold these profiles, but we can also mold backside features with varying geometries if needed. If you require other special features such as teeth on both sides, dual durometer belts or anything else, we’re happy to supply it.


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