Belts, rollers, tyres, mouldings, sheeting, specialist parts and components; from the smallest drive belt pushing the potential of human prosthetics, to the giant turbine seals used to keep oceans at bay, we produce elastomers in virtually any size or form. Everything we make is a unique solution, engineered for precise performance and price.

Calibration Hose

Since the invention of cure in place pipe (CIPP) around 50 years ago, Fenner Precision has supplied reusable silicone calibration hose products to the Trenchless Technology industry globally.

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Commerical Belting

We offer a full range of Commercial Belting for specific customer needs.

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Flat Belts

Fenner Precision flat belts are designed for high performance conveying and light-duty power transmission.

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Precision Timing Belts

Fenner Precision is a world-leading supplier of high volume, small pitch timing belts, offering solutions across the full spectrum of profiles.

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Seals & Diaphragms

We offer big solutions for big challenges in the oil, gas and renewable energy industries.

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Silicone Materials

Fenner Precision silicone materials are engineered to provide performance-enhancing properties for a diverse range of industries.

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Technical Textiles

At Fenner Precision we apply our expertise in polymerics and fabrics to engineer advanced systems.

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